Sandusky Rotary has several committees that have specific tasks while creatiing opportunites for fellowship. We utilize both sevice committees and fundraising committees. We encourage Rotarians to be active on a minumum of 1 committee but prefer 2. All Rotarians are encouraged to pariciapate in our fundraisers such ast the Pizza Challenge.


Community Service Committee:

Chairs: Johnnie Leonhardt and Sandra Reyes

Mission Statement: Provide Community service through Rotary Clothes Kids program providing warm clothing for needy children, support immunization program in Eire County. Support Sandusky Rotary in any other community service projects the club undertakes. 



1.150 children Rotary Clothes Kids

2.Continue Immunization Program with Milan, Huron,& Vermillion Rotary Club

3.Use volunteer resources of high school students in the area to shop


Events/Community Focus:Pizza Challenge is the fundraiser – more focus for community through articles in newspaper.


Current Club Members:  Charelene Adams, Ron Guerra, John Hildebrandt, John Hufnagle, Elaine Colvin, Joe Scheingross, Julie Wenzinger, Todd Puckett


Student Guests Committee


Chair:  Jill Hartley


Mission Statement:Recognizing students from the area while teaching them about Rotary in hopes that they become future community leaders.



1. To recognized senior students from SHS, PHS, SCCS, and Margaretta and allow them to

become part of our club for the year

2.To show our students what Rotary is about and the impact locally and internationally for our community.


Events/Community Focus:Encourage students to participate in Halloween, Clothes Kids, and Pizza Challenge Events.


Current Club Members:Tom Aylward, Lisa Crescimano?, Joe Keyes, Tom Patterson, Dan Poggiali, Joe Scheingross, Bill Springer


Membership Committee

Chair: Josh Mesenburg


Mission Statement:To increase and retain members.


Goals:Develop New Member and Prospective Members. 


Events/Community Focus:To be determined by Committee.


Current Club Members: Pamela Brumbaugh, Pat Deville

Scholarship Committee

Chair: Pamela Brumbaugh


Mission Statement:To support youth of the Sandusky, Perkins, Margaretta, and Sandusky Central Catholic Schools.


Goal:Offer 6 $1000 scholarships to area students.


Events/Community Focus:Seeking fundraisng opportunities to raise additional funds to support the scholarhships.


Current Club Members:Lisa Cresmcimano, JIll Huntley, Jennifer Lippus, Thanda Maceo, Dan Poggiali, Todd Puckett, Julie Wenzinger, Andy Kurtz

Little Free Library Committee

Chair: Mike Prout


Mission Statement:Sandusky Rotary sponsors the little free library located in Facer Park. The LFL works with Rotary volunteers each taking stewardship of one month out of the year. 


Goals:To further literacy in our area as well as to provide an array of reading materials to the general public.


Current Club Members: Joe Keyes, Dav Volz, Mary Jane Hill


Social Committee

Chair: Rick Jeffrey


Mission Statement:To oversee Social and Fellowship opportunities to enrich the social aspect for members while promoting goodwill and better friendships. 


Goal:To entice membership and provide recruitment.  To help integrate members, to promote goodwill and better friendships.

Events/Community Focus:This includes the sub-committees of Rotary After 5 andRural/Urban Day 

Current Club Members:Tonm Aylward, Terry Segert, Jim Collet, Brent Gardner, Andy Gundlach, Tom Patterson, Bill Semans

R.I. Foundation Committee

Chairs: John Hufnagle and Jim Miller


Mission Statement:Support R.I. Foundation International and local projects.


Goals:1.100% Participation2.$100/ Rotarian Average3.One more new Paul Harris than last year.4.100% Participation in Polio Plus Drive


Current Club Members:Don Hanck, Tom Patterson, Pat Deville, Sue Daughtery, Charlene Adams?


Greeters / Lucky 3 Committee

Chair: Allison Will


Mission Statement:To provide staffing for Lucky 3 and a friendly welcome to our meetings for fellow Rotarians and guests.


Goals:Complete a rotating schedule to provide staffing for Lucky 3 ticket sales, greeting, and set up for Rotary meetings.

Events/Community Focus:Weekly Meetings, Lucky 3 drawings, Rotary charity support.


** New members and transfers are encouraged to participate on this committee to meetfellow Rotarians.


Current Club Members: Carole Romp


Four Way Test Committee


Chair: Rich Finneran


Mission Statement:Provide an opportunity for area high school students to prepare and perform a public presentation.  Through their experience they are exposed to Rotary and the Rotary motto.



1.Connect Rotary club members with area high school students/families

2.Help Students with Preparing with performing a public presentation3.Financial Benefit.


Events/Community Focus:Annual Contest


Current Club Members:John Hildebrandt, Sue Daughtery, Mary Jane Hill, Andy Kurtz?


Pastoral Committee

Chair: Carole Romp


Statement:Provide comfort and support to Rotarians that are having health/family issues and coordinate prayer at weekly meeting.


Current Club Members:Pat Deville

PR/Brand Management Committee

Chair: Maris Brenner


Mission: Esure that the club and Rotary get credit for the Good it does in the community.  Through multiple communication vehicles promote Sandusky Rotary Club, its programs, andthe essence of Rotary to the community, media, District, and our own membership.  



1. Create awareness on a scheduled basis of Sandusky Rotary Club with the community,established local media, R6600 District media,  and our own member communication. 

2. Complete a new vibrant Sandusky Roary Website with interactive capacity and in full operation by end of 2016.

3. Connect with our many audiences via a ready PR Team, Speakers Group, and Ambassadors


Events/Plans/Strageties:  To create and use a calendar insuring 2 PR or Media Stories delivered and published to local media each month including at least Sandusky Register (in rint / online), North Coast Business Journal (monthly article), 102.7 News and other Radio, District Website and news stream when appropriate, and our Facebook and website. Transition website to a more vibrant, to include capability of video and newsletter format and distribution options.  To activate a Speakers and Ambassador Team of Club Leaders to be available to speak on Sandusky Rotary, its projects, Polio, Clothes Kids, the upcoming 100 years, this years themes, and membership, etc. to area clubs organizations, as needed. Identify all opportunities for Rotary Identity, Brand, Theme, and Sandusky Rotary Story to be visibly effective within the club, at events (fundraisers as well as service projects), and within the community. Actively take a video and photo record of all activities, members about town, programs, members of note, for Facebook, The Website, News / Press Opportunities, and to insure a visual history archived for the upcoming 100th Anniversary. 


Current Club Members:Brent Gardner, Clark Culbertson, Dave Volz


New Generations Committee

Chair: No Chair at this time


Mission Statement:To provide Rotary student organizational leadership to all schools served by Sandusky Rotary. Goals:•The development of Interact organizations at Sandusky and Perkins High Schools.•The development of Rotaract at BGSU Firelands.•The continuation and improvement of Interact at Margaretta High School. Event/Community Focus:•Interest and Planning Meetings.•Recruitment Meetings and Events•Community Service projects, internationally and locally


Current Club Members:Clark Culbertson?


Co-Chairs – Jim Scherger and jack Moran


Mission: To stay up-to-date with MESA at the District Level which is based in Fostoria. The Committee will access the District meeting minutes (District Meeting is held 2nd Wednesdayof the month at 4P in Fostoria). We will help with getting medical supplies for the shipmentsfrom the local hospitals to other countries.


Ad-Hoc Committees


Past Presidents Committee

The past preseidents commitee meets as needed to plan special evnrts, the annual installation of officers andy other activieties as appointed by the Board of Directors. The Past Presidents Committee also maintains the history of the Club.

Fundraising Committees


Pizza Chjallenge Committee

Chair: Rick Jeffrey'


The purposed of the Pizza Challenge Committee is to raisie funds that are used to fund theClothes Kids Programs.


Current Club Members?