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Listed below are the members of Sandusky OH Rotary:


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Member Name   Classification
Charlene Adams   
Tom Aylward    Manufacturing Management
John Bacon    Manufacturing - Ornamental Iron
Matt Bauer    Education-Finance
David Biechele    Real Estate - Broker
Scott Biechele    Real Estate - Broker
Elaine Blackmore    Banking - Finance-Retired Dec. 2012
Dan Bowman    Education Administration-Treasurer
Ryan Brady    CEO, Sign Company
Phyllis Bransky   
Eric Braunscheidel   
Maris Brenner    Retired Hotel Marketing Professional
Pam Brumbaugh   
Jan Bucholz    Community Service - Foundation Director
Molly Carver   
Marianne Cheetham   
Marianne Coburn    Dentist - Oral Surgery
Jim Collet    Sales Marketing
Elaine Colvin    Education
Lisa Crescimano    Education - Administrative Finance
Clark Culbertson   
Dan Cummings    Mortgage Broker
John Daniel    Insurance
Susan Daughtery   
Pat Deville    Cable Television
Roger Dickman    Insurance - Fire
Lisa Dudukovich-Murphy    Youth Club Director
Terry Durham    Banking, Commercial
Rich Dutton    Banking Officer
John Feick    Construction - Commercial
Rich Finneran, Jr    Banking - Finance
Doug Foster    Automobile Sales - Leasing
Brent Gardner    Insurance
Chris Gasteier    Education-Consultant
Ryan Glass   
Wade Gray   
Mark Gross    Legal
Ron Guerra, PE   
Andy Gundlach    HVAC Manager - Commercial
Frank Hafner    Insurance - Casualty
Don Hanck   
Jill Hartley   
Jodie Hausmann   
Greg Hicks    Medicine - Optometrist
John Hildebrandt    (none)
Mary Jane Hill    Foundations, Charitable
Rich Hohler    Sheet Metal Work
Adam Holmes    Insurance
Bob Hower    Restaurant
John Hufnagle    Retail Sales
Rick Jeffrey    Controller
Al Kares    Government - Administration
Gerry Kasper    Automobile Sales - Leasing
Mike Kaufman    Law-Municipal
Ron Kaufman    Legal - Probate
Ken Keller    Nursing Home - Administration
Joe Keyes   
Randy Koch    Aluminum Products
Jeff Krabill   
Jason Kuhnle    Finance/Banking
Andrew Kurtz   
Johnnie Leonhardt    Consulting - Financial Planning
Jen Lippus    Marketing
John Lippus    Community Foundation Director
Kula Lynch    Corporate Counsel
Thanda Maceo    Consultant Education
Ernie Matijasic    Religious
Jason McClure    General Manager, Amusement Park
Lee McDermond, Jr    Legal
Julie McDonald    Education Officer
Carl McGookey    Accountants - CPA
Nancy McKeen    (none)
Joshua Mesenburg    Financial Advisor
Kara Mesenburg   
Steve Miely    Dentist - General
Jim Miller    Banking - Finance
Judy Monaghan, PHD    Education - Administrative
Jack Moran    Dentist - Endodontic
Gary Mortus    Management - Electrical utility
Al Nickles    Accountants - CPA
Tim Kelly Parkison    Marketing - Mass Media
Steven Patterson    Financial, Advisor
Tom Patterson    Logistics Manager
Dan Poggiali    Educatiion - Principal
Mike Prout    Automobile Sales - Leasing
Todd Puckett    Insurance
Chuck Rainger    Manufacturing - Centrifugal castings
Sandy Reyes   
Carole Romp    Nursing-Threshold Choir Coordinator
Gina Roop-Deppert    School Treasurer
Eugene Sanders    Education, Administration
John Schaeffer   
Joe Scheingross    Dentist - Orthodontic
Jim Scherger    Dentist - General
Lou Schultz   
Terry Seagert    Consulting - Computer services
Bill Semans    Dentist - General
Amy Skolnik    Public Relations/Hospice
Kitty Smith    Education - Administration
Bill Springer    Manufacturing - hardware
Mel Stauffer    Legal
George Steinemann   
David Taylor    Executive Director, Theatre
Justin Toft   
Dave Volz    Accountants - CPA
Fred Waldock    Legal
Lance Warner    Consulting - Financial Planning
Julie Wenzinger   
Tom Whaley    Marketing
Lee Wieber    Banking - Finance
Lisa Wilson    Alternative Medicine
Eric Wobser    City Mananager
viewing 1 to 112 of 112                                           >> Next 20 >>
Display All Members   
List names that begin with:    A to G       H to O       P to Z